Accu-Pop L.L.C

Problem Statement

In baseball, “pop-time” is the time it takes from the moment that a baseball hits a catcher’s mitt to the moment the ball hits the glove of the second basemen. This is one of the most important ways the skill level of a catcher can be assessed by a scout. The most commonly used method for obtaining pop-time is by using a stopwatch to time the throw it. This is a very inaccurate process and renders results with an error of 0.2 seconds, which is a very large error when the average pop-time is around 2 seconds. Therefore, a better method for accurately recording the pop-time is needed. The goal of this project is to accurately measure the time it takes for a catcher to throw a ball down to second base, and then display that time on an app and website.


List and explain project goals.

  1. Design and implement a complete prototype, accurate to within 1/100th of a second.
  2. Develop a phone application program (available on iOS and Android platforms) and a live-updating website.
  3. Clear documentation of all products and code.